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Here's what some of our clients are saying about us!


Thanks for everything again! I'm sure it was a pleasure for many of these choir members to be part of such a big sound at the finale and to be conducted by a true professional.

Jay Reszka,
St. Pius 10th Catholic Church, Aurora, Colorado


Thank you so much for coming last Friday and spending time with our choir! We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed your teaching. You covered a tremendous amount of material in a very short amount of time and yet I think that the whole choir was able to grasp each concept and technique that you taught. Our "normal" choir practice Sunday night was one of the best that we have ever had. I think that is due to the things that we learned Friday night and were able to apply. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your teaching extremely knowledgeable! Thanks again for your service to us. It is greatly appreciated!!

I trust that we will cross paths again!!

Pastor Paul Elliot
Central Baptist Church, Aurora, Colorado


Thanks for your time as well. I am always uplifted with your energy and passion for ministry. I appreciate your insights regarding the music team and will prayerfully consider it with our leadership team. Take care and know that your ministry of consultation is a blessing to us all!


Craig Peterson
Mountain View Community Church, Aurora, Colorado


Folks at your workshop were appreciative and left with some good ideas. I know a couple of them are already beginning to implement some of your suggestions.

Teresa Campbell
Parish Resource Center, Aurora, Colorado


I want to thank you for your time. It was the first I felt that I had been to a revival and it was at Subway. I will definitely keep your contact information as well as leave it for the new person. Thank you for this example. It is very helpful as many of the churches and ministries I am hearing from in Mich. are talking about the need for growth and change.

Grace and peace,

Other people from the choir festival


I would like to request permission to reprint your two articles on making Visitor, Guests. Even though I haven't seen the second article, having read the first one, I know I will want to reprint both for my staff, elders, evangelism and assimilation committees.

The Rev. Dr. Milan G. Weerts
Interim Senior Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church Jefferson City, MO


Just read your article — great stuff. Would like to quote this in my pastor's blog on church website. We aren't in a war, but have had a few snipers!

Dennis Thurman
Pole Creek Baptist Church Chandler, North Carolina


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