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The Complete Ministry Audit
©1996 William M. Easum

"Churches grow when they intentionally reach out to people instead of concentrating on their institutional needs. Churches die when they concentrate on their own needs.This is the Basic law of Congregational Life."

"You will by my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

—Acts 1 : 8b

This Audit is organized into Twenty Growth Principles, which include input from the congregation, the leadership and the staff.

   Following are a few of those principles:

  • Growth is not concerned with numbers but with meeting the needs of the People.

  • Growth occurs when people are given a wide variety of choices.

  • Growth occurs when people are matched with their skills.

  • Growth will occur when worship is intentionally emphasized.

  • Growth will occur with the addition of each new morning service of worship.

  • Growth is directly related to the leadership strength of the pastor.

  • When 80 percent of any space is in use, it is time to start making plans for more space.

  • Growth is encouraged when parking is adequate.

  • Growth almost always occurs if the congregation is friendly toward visitors.

  • Growth can be long-term if a solid foundation is laid.

  • It takes more effort to implement change than to maintain the status quo or to exercise veto power.
  • The Complete Ministry Audit is one part of a one, three or five day consultation. We recommend that you include both The Church Health Survey and The Complete Ministry Audit in any Church Consultation.

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