Using the Church Health Survey


What is the purpose of the Church Health Survey?

The Church Health Survey (CHS) is a 160-item questionnaire church leaders can use to measure and discern a church's health. Survey responses represent members' perceptions about the health of the church in six (6) key areas: discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, ministry, prayer, and worship.


Why should my church conduct a survey of its members?

Wise church leaders seek to understand the attitudes and perceptions of their members and attendees prior to making significant decisions and changes. The Church Health Survey process allows the church to "look in the mirror" before embarking in any new direction. Many churches utilize the survey to discover why they are not growing, or why the spirit of the church seems to be less excited. Some churches conduct the survey annually just to be informed and ready for new opportunities.


Why were discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, ministry, prayer, and worship chosen as the six areas to survey?

Church health is the recognition that local fellowships of believers are best instruments for the Kingdom when the six purposes of Acts 2: 42-47 are intentional, active, and balanced: discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, ministry, prayer, and worship.

Is the Church Health Survey best suited to a certain denomination?

Not at all. During its development, the Church Health Survey was given to a total of 4,000 persons in a range of Christian denominations.


How many surveys will be needed for my church congregation?

To obtain a statistically valid analysis, 15% of the average worship attendance must participate, or a minimum of 40 surveys, whichever is greater.


How long does it take someone to complete the survey?

It takes about 40 minutes to complete the survey.


After the surveys are scored, what is included in the final report?

The 50-page report includes an overall health assessment of the church and scores for each area measured: worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, prayer, and fellowship. The scoring categories are as follows:

Very Healthy
Marginally Healthy
Marginally Unhealthy
Very Unhealthy
Extremely Unhealthy

Responses to questions (or perceptions) that relate to the score are also provided, along with specific actions the church can take to improve or build upon its health.


How does the process work?

Step 1: Assess how many surveys are needed. To obtain a statistically valid analysis, 15 percent of the average worship attendance must participate.

Step 2: Place an order for the CHS in one of the following ways:

  • Call 303/487-6131
  • Order Online: Order Survey
  • E-mail:
  • Mail order form to:

    The Ken Johnson Group, LLC
    13606 East Bates Avenue
    Unit 205
    Aurora, CO 80014

  • The order will be shipped within two (2) business days from the time it is processed.

    Step 3: When conducting the survey, questionnaires and answer sheets are distributed to a random sampling of the congregation.

    Step 4: Return completed surveys to The Ken Johnson Group.

    A 50-page analysis report will be sent to the church within 7-10 business days from the time the surveys are received.


    Is the Church Health Survey a complete health analysis of the church?

    The CHS is not intended to be the final word on an individual church's health. Many other factors should be considered, ideally by a qualified church consultant who visits the church facility and talks with individual staff members and members of the congregation.


    How much does the Church Health Survey cost?

    Churches with an average worship attendance of 400 or less pay $345.00 for the complete health survey. Larger churches pay slightly more. Each additional questionairre is only $1.65.


    How often should a church conduct the Church Health Survey?

    A follow-up survey should be done within six (6) months of the first survey, and then annually after that.


    Does the report provided by The Ken Johnson Group include directions for making improvements in our church?

    Yes, the report provides specific directions for further improvement in areas where the church scores marginally healthy to extremely unhealthy. In addition, our qualified consultants are equipped to help your church leaders develop a plan to improve the church's health.


    How long does it take to get a report done?

    The Ken Johnson Group will send a 50-page analysis report to the church within 7-10 business days from the time the surveys are received.


    How can I find a Church Consultant who can help my church with the Church Health Survey?

    Contact one of our trained consultants to set to see what we can do for you. Click here to contact one today.


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