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Church Health Survey

I've heard of church growth...

...So what is church health?

The idea of church growth is often related to numbers -- number of new members, persons baptized into the church and the like. Church health is related to how well the body of Christ functions in fulfilling God's mission & purpose.

More specifically, healthy churches are most effective when
the six purposes of Acts 2:42-47 are intentional, active and balanced:

Discipleship Evangelism
Fellowship Ministry
Prayer Worship

How healthy is my church?

Since your church is made up of a fellowship of believers, it's extremely important to know the specific attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that drive their actions (or lack thereof) toward the church.

When should our church measure its health?

    1. When attendance has plateaued or declined
    2. After a change in pastoral leadership
    3. When planning a major new effort in its life and ministry
    4. After a shortfall in planned giving and/or offerings
    5. When developing a plan for building on its strengths and improving its weaknessess

Using the Health Survey in your church

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