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Church Growth Quiz

Lyle Schaller gives the following examples on ways to identify the differences between the growing and the shrinking church.

  Characteristics of a shrinking church
Strong pressures to make the care of the real estate the top priority followed by care of the current membership.
A gradual increase in the median age of the membership.
A widespread desire to re-create 1957 or 1977.
A hope that today's children will want to grow up to become carbon copies of members born before 1950.
A heavy emphasis on the printed word and on the spoken word in communication.
A conviction that black and white are the appropriate colors for a Christian community.

A focus on a producer-orientation in planning for ministry.

An acceptance of the fact that financial limitations will be the number one variable in setting priorities.

A preference for traditional church music.
Leaders who are convinced that adherence to a sound organizational structure is the key to effectiveness.
Characteristics of a growing church

Remarkably open to new ideas and innovation.

Provides a large supportive environment for maverick leaders.

Assumes that quality and relevance in ministry will produce the funds required to pay the bills.

Usually sensitive to the spiritual needs of people on a self-identified religious pilgrimage.

Places creativity and commitment ahead of tenure and bloodlines in choosing volunteer policy makers.
Utilizes visual images in all aspects of congregational life.
Perceives God's creation to be a world filled with color.
Assumes that tomorrow will undermine efforts to perpetuate the status quo.

Enjoys leadership that frequently challenges the people to do what many are convinced is impossible.

Affirms the value of choices.

Is more comfortable with an ad hoc approach to an organizational structure than with a rigid system that "follows the book."

Check the boxes that pertain to you and your current situation. If you have more than five in any area then you have found your niche—good or bad.

Maybe you need a consultation or at the very least, you need to take the Church Health Survey™.

Where do you fit? Be honest—it's imperative for your church is to continue as a viable organization.

From The Interventionist by Lyle E. Schaller, Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1997, Pages 87 & 88.


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