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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to have a consultation?

  1. Anytime the church is open to change.
  2. The last 6 months of a pastor's tenure.
  3. The first 6 months of a pastor's tenure.
  4. Prior to a building project.
  5. Any time there is a crisis.
  6. Any time you want to find out where you are and where you want to be heading.
  7. When attendance has plateaued or declined.
  8. When planning a major new effort in its life and ministry.
  9. After a shortfall in planned giving and/or offerings.
  10. When developing a plan for building on its strengths and improving its weaknesses.
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What might a church expect during a consultation?

  1. A time of learning
  2. A time of examination
  3. A time of listening
  4. A time of facilitating
  5. A time of recommendation
  6. A time for choosing the best direction
  7. A time of significant growth

How does a church choose a consultant?

  1. How much varied experience has the consultant had?
  2. What is the word of mouth about this person?
  3. What does this person know about our specific problem?
  4. How many years has the person been involved in the church?

What kinds of information would the church be expected to provide?

  1. Ten-year data:
    A. Total membership.
    B. Resident membership (who still lives in the community?)
    C. Average Sunday school and small group attendance.
    D. Average worship attendance. (adults and children)
    E. Baptisms/conversions – who and what is included?
    F. Other additions.
    G. Deletions.
    H. Budget receipts.
    I. Total receipts.
  2. Total receipts
  3. Pastors/ministers
  4. Key events
  5. History
  6. Publications
  7. Listing of groups/classes by size and attendance
  8. Most recent budget
  9. By-laws
  10. Defined community. (Zip code information, etc., Boundaries)

What is the church consultation process?

  1. Request for a proposal from either the pastor or a leader in the church.
  2. The Ken Johnson Group would present a proposal to the pastor and leadership team.
  3. The church would accept the proposal.
  4. The church would take the Church Health Survey™.
  5. The church would fill out The Complete Ministry Audit
  6. Facility visit
    A. Self guided tour
    B. Church representative guided tour
  7. Sunday church visit.
  8. Demographics study.
  9. Staff interviews – 45 minutes each.
  10. Leadership interviews – 30 minutes each.
  11. Layperson interviews – 30 minutes each 10 % or a specific number of average attendance.
  12. Community interviews.
  13. Reports:
    A. Church Health Survey results when finished.
    B. A final report when finished

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