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Church Consulting

Our Vision: Helping Christian Leaders to develop parishioners who will spread the “Good News” of the gospel.

Our Mission: It is our desire to help congregations isolate and focus on their core values and individual spiritual gifts. We will then help develop and equip an innovative staff and congregational leaders with resources and tools to discover the unique calling of each specific congregation, utilizing that calling to spread the gospel through the coming decades.

Our Core Values: We strongly believe in the team approach to ministry and the accountability and the servanthood of all paid and unpaid staff. We also believe that the church is called to be creative and innovative in everything that they do. Our main emphasis for the congregation is that all members old and new realize what is expected of them with membership in Christ’s church. We emphasize an atmosphere of continuing spiritual growth and the importance of every member being involved in spreading the gospel to the community.

Worship: We believe that corporate worship is an important part of the Christian Faith and it is our desire to help the church move into the 21st century in all aspects of worship.

Music and the Arts: It is our goal to help the music and arts programs find their way during this time, when there are so many different ideas, feelings and attitudes about what music and the arts should be. We believe that the music and the arts in the church needs to keep up with the rest of society, and that all styles of music are viable and valuable. There is no reason for argument and anger to invade the church over styles of music. We strive to help people understand the value of a “loving” worship atmosphere.

We believe that the following defines the real purpose of the church:

  • Exalting Christ
  • Bringing people to Christ
  • Bonding people in Christ
  • Building people in Christ
  • Sending people into ministry for Christ
  • All members of the congregation are ministers.


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